Tank Inspection & Consulting

By providing certified personnel experienced in the engineering and construction of storage tanks, we can assure that our clients receive professional service. Inspections are necessary to inform our clients about the condition of their storage tanks. Several methods of NDT (nondestructive testing) may be utilized in the evaluation process that is documented and reported to our clients. Aided by the ROV, documentation by means of video and photography become a conclusive source of reporting areas of interest to clients.

After compiling the inspection report, recommendations and cost to any maintenance items or compliance issues can be offered. This becomes an effective way for us to help implement maintenance programs for our clients. By estimating the cost of the rehabilitation, clients can budget for CIP projects.

Typical projects

* Water storage annual serviceability inspection as required by TCEQ
* New construction inspection of storage tanks
* Maintenance & rehabilitation inspection of storage tanks
* Complete integrity assessments of storage tanks